5 Reasons Why Bottled Bird's Nest Is Not Better Than Dried Ones

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Xin Yan Bird's Nest Bottled Bird's Nest
You have heard it all too often – that it has the same nutritional components of those that you prepare yourself with the dried ones, and PLUS, it’s convenient. Just pop the bottle open and enjoy the goodness.

But is it, really? Here’s 5 reasons why we really still highly recommend preparing dried bird’s nest by yourself, instead of being lazy and opt for bottled ones. 

1. Mostly Sugar Water

White Sugar

Trust us, it is full of unwanted sugar water, mixed with really tiny bits of bird’s nest that probably has little to no health benefits for you and your loved ones.

Truth be told, bottled bird’s nest have been taken over by great marketing gimmicks to make you think that it is as good as preparing dried bird’s nest by yourself.

But really, the high contents of sugar makes it appeal more to your taste buds, to make you believe that it really is that good, and makes your brain ask for more.

Think Coke.

2. No Bang For Your Buck

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Poured Out Bottled Bird's Nest

A picture speaks a thousand words. We poured out a typical bottled bird’s nest (picture above) to show what it is that you are consuming.

Really, believe us now when we say it is mainly sugar water and tiny bits of bird’s nest?

You’re welcome.

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Soaked Bird's Nest

On the contrary, this is what our Crystal Grade Bird’s Nest looks like after we soak it for about 5 hours. More than 100grams of pure goodness.

And mind you, it is expanded from an 8gram piece. That’s at least 10 times of expansion rate!

Still contemplating between having that bottle of bird’s nest and preparing your own with dried ones?

3. You Can't Get Creative

Xin Yan Bird's Nest With Abalone

Xin Yan Bird's Nest with Papaya

Just look at the pictures. Abalone with Bird’s Nest? Sounds delicious to me. Feeling them hunger pangs?

How about eating it with papaya, within a papaya? That’s right. You probably won’t be able to prepare these by using bottled bird’s nest. It’ll probably taste nasty and tasteless.

Plus, the fact that you painstakingly spent great effort to prepare the dish will satisfy you even more.

4. It Makes You Lazy

Lazy To Make Bird's NestNeed we say more? This is a total no-brainer: nobody likes a lazy bum. At all.

If all you wish for is just to pop open a bottle and expect a miracle, we're worried for you.

Good things take time and effort. Get that in your head.

5. Little to No Health Benefits

What You Say Baby Meme

That’s right.

Think about it, if it is mostly sugar water and tiny bits of bird’s nest, do you think you will be able to reap much benefits from it (if any to begin with)? Compare the benefits of dried ones here and here.

Don’t be lazy, opt for dried bird’s nest and prepare them on your own. You can thank us later.


Xin Yan Bird's Nest Bottled Bird's Nest Conclusion

If you are still skeptical, try both bottled bird’s nest and dried ones on your own, and you will awaken your senses. That will be the best conclusion.

But remember, only purchase from reliable and trusted suppliers. There are way too many fake ones out there in the market that are not safe for consumption.

A ridiculously cheap price tag with any kind of product usually spells trouble and is too good to be true. Steer clear.

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