4 Reasons Why Ladies Should Consume Bird's Nest Regularly

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4 Reasons Why Ladies Should Consume Bird's Nest Regularly

So why is bird’s nest a lady’s best friend? This is probably something most ladies are curious about, and most of the benefits that they know of are probably hearsay.

In the average family situation, the culture or habit of eating bird’s nest is minimal, and having a chance to enjoy a bowl of bird’s nest soup is really rare.

The main reasons for this is because most people are unaware or unsure of the benefits of consuming bird’s nest, and it is really hard to find documented and reliable information that can be trusted about the benefits of bird’s nest. Plus, it does come with a hefty price tag. But know that it's definitely worth your every buck!

Read this article to understand the 4 main benefits of consuming bird's nest that every lady should know.

1. Fair and Smooth Complexion

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Fair and Smooth Complexion YoonA

Let’s face the fact and admit it – which lady doesn’t aspire and dream to have radiant, flawless, soft, and smooth skin? Not just for yourselves, but also to get them boys flocking all over you and going oh so gaga (that dream is real ladies, we know it).

Recent studies have shown that Bird’s Nest contains a growth factor called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which stimulates cell growth and proliferation. EGF is a form of protein which has anti-aging abilities, stimulates skin growth at the cellular level, and may also increase collagen production.

You got that right ladies – you’ll have an increased chance of regenerating newer and younger faces on a weekly, or even daily basis, depending on how often you consume bird's nest, and how much your body can absorb in a given time. This varies according to each individual. 

2. Anti-Aging Abilities

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Mother and Daughter

Just look at the picture above. Can you tell who the mother is? This is probably a hard one eh?

Let’s help you out – The one on the left is the mother. ‘Nuff said I guess? And yes, the mother has claimed during an interview that the secret to her looking young – or even younger – as compared to her daughter, is that she eats bird’s nest on a regular basis. About 3-4 times a week. You can imagine the amount of time, effort, and money she has spent to achieve that. Phew! As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. 

If you actually do watch Voice of China, she’s actually one of the contestants with a great powerful voice, and was in the championship round for Season 3. Her name’s 陳冰, and ever since she posted this photo on her Weibo account, her mother has been getting various attention and questions about the secret to her youthful looks.

Don't worry, you're welcome.

Check out her performance (and her mother) on The Voice of China here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyzAK7cdrhw 

3. Natural Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Natural Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral

Beauty pills, slimming pills, weight loss pills, “miracle” pills, enhancement pills, the list goes on..

Every lady has probably tried one or two in their lifetime – and realized it was nothing but little to 0 positive effects, but more of many negative side effects.

So why not try taking bird’s nest regularly as a change instead? It’s scientifically proven to be approximately 50% crude protein, and 50% essential amino acids. Protein is the building block for blood, muscle, tissue, and skin. So why not give it a try? It’s a natural supplement (that tastes tasty if prepared with tender loving care) that has 0 side effects – unless you are allergic to high amounts of protein, that is.

Also, by building more muscle in your body, it’ll become a natural fat-burning “pill” within your body. And yes, of course, you have to combine this with regular exercise.

Also, you should note that bird’s nest are rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and loads of other stuff that’s good for us. It’s a whole load of protein and multi-mineral in one package. Talk about 2-in-1.

Substitute for that daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral pill you take every morning, which you find so hard to swallow? Check.

Look beautiful, young (look at point 2), and maintain that slim figure, with 0 side effects? Sounds great.

4. Confidence Booster

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Confidence Booster

As the saying goes, a confident woman is the most beautiful.

If you look young, have a radiant complexion, and have a slim figure, all from eating bird’s nest regularly – without having to face the many side effects of a “miracle pill” – you bet you'll feel confident. It's about the value it brings to you too. 

But really, being confident does make you stand out from the crowd ladies. Take note of that. It works like a charm on men, too. But please – don’t boast. That’s a huge turn off.


Xin Yan Bird's Nest Eating Bird's Nest with Fresh Milk Social Proof

So after reading this article, you might think that this is just another marketing gimmick, and bird’s nest is just glorified swiftlets’ spit. But really, look at the screengrab from above that I chanced upon on G.E.M. 鄧紫棋’s Weibo.

In her selfie with a bowl of homely made bird’s nest with fresh milk, she mentioned that she was "delighted and blessed to be able to enjoy this delicacy after a long day of work, and that she’s ready to hit to the gym after replenshing on protein." 

And this is not the first selfie of her with bird’s nest, mind you.

Really, what’s there more left to say? Even an Asian superstar drinks it regularly. What are you waiting for ladies? 

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