8 Reasons Why You Can Trust and Buy From Us

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8 Reasons You Can Trust And Buy From Xin Yan Bird's Nest

We’ve all had our fair share of worry when purchasing something online, especially more so when it costs a dime.

You must have definitely hesitated much whether or not to purchase something from us, even though we know you want it real bad.

So read on, you’ll definitely feel safer and more comfortable about buying from our online store after that. Trust us.

1. Legit Company

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Legit Company

Which means we are a legal entity, and there’s no reason for us to scam you, or worse, sell fake or low-quality products to you.

If you want to, you can even call us to validate our products, or find out more about us. If you would like to, on a case-to-case basis, we can arrange for you to take a look at our samples even.

2. We Have Years of Experience

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Farm

We have been in the edible bird’s nest industry for more than 5 years, and because it has always been a family business, we consume the exact same products which we sell, on a regular basis.

Furthermore, we have many frequent exports to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Experience is key. 

3. Our Products Are Lab Tested by AVA

Xin Yan Bird's Nest AVA Lab Tested and Certified

Our products are all AVA tested and certified in Singapore – one of the strictest on food safety.

We test for the presence of chemicals, bleaching content, coloring, preservatives, and additives. We also ensure that nitrite safety levels are met, and that all our fine produce are genuine and authentic bird’s nest, which are 100% safe for consumption.

Need we say more?

4. Our Store Uses SSL Encryption 

Xin Yan Bird's Nest SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption is a technology to protect a shopper’s personal information during the checkout process.

Well… we could go on and on about the deep explaination of the technology and how it works, but you’ll probably be lost and confused half-way through.

So basically, in simple layman terms, what it means is that, when you purchase from our online store, the checkout is secure.

Shop me maybe?

5. We Have Been Featured By The #1 Blog in Singapore

Xin Yan Bird's Nest TheSmartLocal Feature Article

Our belief – we have been featured for a reason.

You can read that feature article here.

6. Many Happy Customers 

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Social Proof

If we could, we would show all the social proof pictures here, but that will be too much of an overkill.

This is just one of the many we have received from our satisfied customers.  And yes, that’s our Triangle Grade Bird’s Nest.

Don’t forget the ones we have on our homepage as well!

7. Sold By Reputable Companies

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Pressie Singapore Collaboration

We’ve partnered with Pressie Singapore to provide our lovely gift sets for people to purchase and gift to their loved ones or special someone.

Pressie is relatively famous in and originated from Hong Kong. They’ve now expanded into Singapore and we’re both pleased and honored to be part of the social gifting app company.

They’ve chosen our products for a reason, so fear not if you have been contemplating whether or not to buy from us.

8. Secure Payments

Xin Yan Bird's Nest Secure Payments

The recent online scandals and fraud all around the world have caused a stir over online shopping, and many people have deemed online shopping as “no longer safe”.

But fret not! On our online store, we offer secure payments like PayPal, which protects your data, personal information, and monetary funds.

If you’re still skeptical, you can also choose to opt for Cash-on-Delivery payments for a 100% safe transaction – you only pay when you receive the goods upon delivery. 0 risk, 0 worries.

Get Yours Now!

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