Bird's Nest: A TCM Perspective

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Xin Yan Bird's Nest Tradtional Chinese Medicine

Bird's Nest was used in ancient China as a type of restorative and remedial food. Previous clinical research have concluded that bird's nest has a sweet and calm character. Bird's Nest contributes medical benefits to lung, stomach, and kidney neural systems.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong conducted a scientific study on bird's nest. It was concluded that the water-soluble protein of bird's nest contains a Mitogenic Stimulation Factor and Epidermic Growth Factor which can:

1) Enhance the rebirth of cells
2) Reinforce the immune system
3) Restore energy and stamina
4) Boost heart functions
5) Supply, distribute heat energy throughout body

A documentation from ancient Chinese medication literature, Ben Cao Gang Mu:
"Bird's Nest can promote the regeneration of internal organs and brain cells, and nourishes the human body. Benefits of consuming Bird's Nest regularly include: moistening body heat, creating energy, boosting stamina, nourishing lung, controlling cough and asthma, etc."


20 Amino Acids Chart

Bird's Nest is 50% protein - vital for tissue growth, maintenance and repair, muscle contraction and oxidation functions. Proteins are composed of 20 amino acids, 11 of which can be synthesized by human body (non-essential), and 9 have to be obtained through food (essential). Bird's nest contains 18 amino acids excluding Asparagine and Glutamine (as seen in chart above), including ALL 9 essential amino acids.

Additionally, Bird's Nest is composed of almost a third of carbohydrates. The rest is a source of fibre, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Even TCM gives the green light for consuming Bird's Nest. What else are you waiting for? Do take note to only purchase Bird's Nest from reliable suppliers.

Our artisans at Xin Yan Bird's Nest strive to make the finest premium Bird's Nest that is safe for consumption for you and your loved ones.

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