Video Recipe: Bird's Nest with Fish Maw, Mushrooms, and Scallop

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How Do I Prepare Something Different To Impress?
We started selling bird's nest because it was something we savored regularly in our daily family setting - which is why we are more of a community rather than your very typical hard-sell retailers. 

Some of our customers are interested to find out what are the different ways we can prepare bird's nest soup, apart from just rock sugar and water - which left us on our quest.

We discovered this video during our quest for bird's nest recipe videos, and we gave it a try on our own - it does taste as fantastic as it looks!

Your Turn!
So here you go - try it at the comfort of your own home and savor every bit of the goodness you whipped up personally, and get that sense of achievement unlocked while savoring the saliva-dripping bird's nest with fish maw, mushrooms, and scallop! 

P.S. It's really, really, really good for the skin (increases elasticity of the skin, and leaving it soft and supple) because of the proteins and collagen found in bird's nest and fish maw. It's a combination of everything good for the skin into one awesome recipe! 

Here you go guys - you're most welcome ;)

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